Tres chimbadas

Package Price: $352.00 ( single room sharing)

Duration :

3 days / 2 nights

Includes :

Hosting, guided tours, transportation, foods y bilingual guide 

Activities :

  • Lake Tres Chimbadas,
  • Piranhas sport fishing,
  • Visit to the parrots claylick, colpa la Torre
  • Visit to the farm,
  • Visit to viewpoint Mirador Bahuaja
  • Walk in the conservation private area,
  • Night boat ride and fauna spotting ,
  • Presentation of camera traps and conservation projects

Day 01 :


Butterfly museum ( see more)

Arrival to Puerto Maldonado. Upon your arrival to Padre Aldamiz airport at Puerto Maldonado you will be welcome by your guide, who will take you to our office in the city. Here we will register you and check your suggested basics were we will have the chance to buy things that perhaps we may require during our stay as batteries, raincoats, medicines… We advise you to have your list before hand to be ready for your trip. A free city tour will be conducted if theres enough time.  city tour gratuito.

see more of the first day

Day 02: .

5:00 am – Snack (Coffée, infusions, fruits, cookies)

5:15 am – Collpa La Torre claylick. Very early we will ride a boat for 10 minutes that will take us to  collpa La Torre, a cliff of 4 meters height and 20 meters lenght, that holds a lot of clay peeks, needed for these birds diet, macaws, parrots, periqueets and some mammals, like deer, capibaras and squirrels. Here we will seat on a hiding spot 30mts away from the collpa, an excellent observation point.

8:00 am – Breakfast at Inotawa Casa Amazónica

9:00 am – Lake Tres Chimbadas and piranhas fishing. We will travel around 15 min by boat and 40 min trekking through the Infierno native community ecoturistic consecion, to arrive to a water mirror lake something proper from the peruvian amazon jungle: Lake Tres Chimbadas. To enter the lake we will pass through the control boot of the community, who are the ones looking after the lake with the entry fees paid here.

At lake Tres Chimbadas we will board a catamarán, a traditional navigation ship to ride around. Following the guide route, we will be able to see fauna and flora: birds like shansho, needle ducks, herons, king fisher; some reptiles and mammals, specially the always requested otters, here is home of a big family of them, that usually come out to say hello. The sportive fishing is about fishing out piranhas to observe them and set them free.

1:30 pm – Lunch

3:00 pm – Chacra( farm). Traditional Agriculture and recolection. We will visit the community farm, were traditional agriculture is still practised. here we will get a chance to know different fruits endemic to the Amazon jungle like copoazú, arazá, pijuayo, yuca, the big banana, pineapple and cacao and species like cuming and sacha coriander. we will collect and taste the fruits and species of the season.

4:30 pm – Mirador Bahuaja. After a 30 minutes walk we will get to a clay reef of about 50 meters height. Across the way we will observe forest flora like castaña, tornillo and siringa until we arrive, were we will be able to appreciate the jungle from another perspective. The viewpoint haves rooftoped benches that will aloow you to relax and observe the sunset over Tambopata river and all its power.

6:30 pm – Boat ride and night spotting. At sundown we will ride a boat around the Tambopata river to enjoy the sounds of the jungle that invade the night. Also, we will be able to spot the stars constellations, the south ones, as scorpios, sagitarius, the south cross, etc. We will carry a flash light, to be able to spot caimans, capibaras or chotacabras in the river meadows.

7:30 pm – Dinner and bar

8:30 pm – Presentation of cámara trap and conservation proyects Thanks to your visit, Inotawa can develop conservation projects. Amongst them, one that involves fauna monitoring with camera traps. which allows us to observe directly the state of our protected area. because finding big mammals works as an indicator of a healthy ecosystem. We will present images captured by this cameras and identify the animasl, learning their behaviours. Also conservation projects will be exposed, so we can now more about the importance and the ways we can help.

Day 03 : 

Breakfast and return. After an early breakfast, we will head back to inotawas office at Puerto Maldonado and afterwards to the airport, where our guide will help us to board our flight back at Puerto maldonados airport

Rememeber all expeditions can have  extra or add ons available on request at the reservation.

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