Tambopata Expedition



  • Trekk to lake Cocococha
  • Visit and piranha fishing at lake Tres Chimbadas
  • Visit to macaws colpa La Torre
  • Visit to viewpoint Bahuaja Sonene
  • Walks in the conservation area
  • Night boat ride for wildlife spotting
  • Presentation of conservation projects.


Day 1

Pick up from the airport of Puerto Maldonado, transfer to the city offices of Inotawa ( optional: city tours and Butterflies park) and from there we will go to the port of Infierno, where we will board the boat to the lodge.  On the way we will enjoy the wonderful landscapes and our guide will spot any animal on the river shores . Our regional lunch will be served: veggie chaufa( chinese- peruvian fusion) rice wrapped in a bijao leave, fruit, biscuits and a  ½ l. water bottle for you to refill.


We will go into the Tambopata national reserve buffer zone of the  Bahuaja Sonene national park, we will enjoy the ride between the river shores vegetation made up of reeds,  cecropias, ficus and birds that live close to the river, like the oropéndolas and their hanging nests, herons and many others that will fly around us like macaws, toucans and many others. Also we could spot mammals and huge rodents like the  capibara, and some reptiles resting on the shores like white caimans or turtles.

Arriving to Inotawa Amazon house and its conservation area

Upon arrival, the manager and guide will tell give us indications to how to enjoy a pleasant stay, afterwards give you a quick recognition of the common areas of the lodge and your rooms location.

Night walk inside the conservation area: On sundown we will start a walk with our guide around the area, this is the best hour for twilight and night wildlife, spotting, the daytime animals return to their burrows and the night wildlife starts to appear. Amphibian, aracnids and insects will grant us with an exclusive tropical concert. Dinner will be served at 7:30pm. After dinner, our guide will give us a descriptive chat about or program activities.


Day 02.

  • 5:00 am – Snack (coffee, hot beverages, fruits, biscuits )
  • 05:30 am – Trekk to Cocococha lake and wildlife spotting by boatride.  We will move uo to the check point of the natural Reserve of Tambopata, to start our interesting 2 hour trekk, where we will go through different types of forests, with many kinds of flora of importance to the Madre de Dios biodiversity as, siringa and castaña ( brazilian nuts), here is the home for the howling monkey and capuccinos. The trekk will end at the Cocococha river shore, where a hidden bird spotting point is located. We will stay here with our guide watching the lake activity while taking our breakfast  (box lunch: 2 sándwiches, 1 fruit, 1 pankake, granola, ½ lit water).

The lake holds an area of 60 acres, surrounded by aguajales, bajíos and alturas, which has created a highly biodiverse ecosystem  added to the fact that almost has no human intervention, makes of this place an important habitat for food resources and reproduction to many endangered classic amazon, like the macaws, black caymans, otters and the strange Agami heron.

1:00 pm – lunch

4:00 pm – Viewpoint Mirador Bahuaja. After a 30 min walk, across from Inotawa, its an aprox 50m cliff of red clay. On the way there we will observe forestal species as the  castaña, tornillo and siringa up until the cliffs border, where we will observe the jungle mount from another perspective. The viewpoint haves wide roofed benches that will let you relax and observe all the Tambopata river in its own majestuosity

7:30 pm- Dinner

Day 03: .

  • 5:00 am – Snack (coffee, hot beverages, fruits, biscuits )
  • 5:15 am – Collpa La Torre (claylick) Very early we will have a chance to move by boat for 10 min to Collpa La torre, a cliff of 4m high and 20m long, with many   clay streaks needed for the macaws, parrots and parakeets diet and for some mammals too, like the deer, capibaras, squirrels, etc. At this point theres a hidden observation point just at 30m from the claylick or collpa, great spot for birdwatching.

8:00 am – Breakfast at Inotawa Casa Amazónica

9:00 am – Reforestation and pawprints catch. We will start our way to the area of the reforestation projects at Inotawas , where we will give some help to the Amazon jungle. We will sow, endangered tree species, as the Ungurahui and Shihuahuaco, amongst others. In this activity we will get in touch with nature, therefore its advised to share it with kids, waking up their natures sensibilities.

Besides, we will take a trekk network inside the conservation area of Inotawa, finding camera traps installed all along the path. This material its part of the project to monitor big mammals ( Monitoreo de Grandes Mamíferos ), which at night time we will proyect for you. Our route will take us to the mammals collpas Sapasisi, of ACP( private conservation area) at Inotawa, here we will have a fun activity, pawprints collection. For this we will pour wax or cast on the paw prints that we find from animals that feed in this location. Once it dries, we can make a mold from the pawprint to take it home as a souvenir. we will find prints of sajino, picuro, deer, tapir, etc.

1:00 pm – Lunch

3:00 pm – Tres Chimbadas (Oxbow) lake. We will travel for around 15  min by boat and 40min trekking through the path that crosses de native community of Infierno ecotouristic concession, arriving to a characteristic Amazonian mirror lake : Oxbow or # chimbadas lake. To enter this lake we will cross the Infierno community checkpoint, they are the ones looking after it and maintain it thanks to the income generated by the ecotourism in this area.

At 3 chimbadas lake we will board a catamaran, traditional paddle ride, to move around it. following the route pointed by the guide, we can spot animals and lacustrine vegetation, birds like the shansho, needle duck, heron, kingfisher; some reptiles and mammals, and specially the always searched for otters, because a family with few of them lives here and always comes out to greet.

6:30 pm – Nightboat ride for wildlife spotting. At sundown we will board a boat along the Tambopata river to enjoy the sounds of the jungle that invade the night. besides we will able to watch the south stars constellations, as Escorpios, Sagittarius, the south cross, etc. We will take a reflector along, because its usual to find caymans, capibaras and nighthawks along the river shores.

7:30 pm – Dinner & bar

8:30 pm – Camera trap video and conservation projects presentation  Thanks to your visit, Inotawa can develop a few conservation projects on the area. Amongst them, monitoring wildlife with camera traps, that allow us to directly study the condition of our conservation area, because the sighting of big mammals works as pointer of a healthy ecosystem. We will project the pictures captured by the camera trap, learning to identify the animals and their behaviour. Also we will expose the conservsation projects of Inotawa, so we can get to know its importance and reach and the ways we can help.

Day 04.

Breakfast and return. After an early breakfast, we will come back to Puertos Maldonado offices , and then to the airport, where our guide will help us with all the requirements to board our planes back to Lima or Cuzco

Remember that all expeditions include everything except the bar drinks, if theres any  extra or add ons  you would like to do, please dont forget to mention it at your  reservation.


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