Dining room

comdor inotawa
A jolly dinner any given day at Inotawa

Our kitchen COAQUI

When making the decision to go with all for Inotawa, we left behind a cebicherian in Barranco, a local peruvian seafood restaurant, that for over 25 years my mother managed, her taste and excelente service are still recalled. And became the base of Coaqui.

Arriving at Tambopata we open Inotawa, we were assured that the kitchen will be the canvas to place all the gastronomic experience to mix with the local ingredients and traditions. We name it Coaqui, “fire” in Eeseja local dialect.

Here in Coaqui, freshness is a must, we avoid any product genetically modified or chemically added, we look after our health and love to put some of our jungle inside our bodies with delicious preparations. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Fresh ingredients

We provide menus of traditional dishes, from different areas of Perú, like lomo saltado, juane amazónico, pescado en bambú and ceviche. Plus, we offer a lot of vegan and vegetarian options of dishes ( locro de zapallo, olluquito, caigua rellena, quinotto, berenjenas en caja china, wide arrange of mushrooms stews from our forests)  and we can always arrange a special request for special diets.

We use a lot of our orchard products, and the rest are provided by local communities, so our tables are always fresh and the locals get support from all of us.


A must on your relaxing times, we have a fresh pressed coffee station, where theres also instant coffee, infussions, cookies and fruit, all day all night.


So absolutely needed with this weather so hot and tropical of Tambopata, a comfy area where you can get drinks with or without alcohol, beers, sodas, juices from fruit of the season in the area, peruvian and international cocktails, we are proud of our Pisco sour, chilcano, margarita, caipirinha, mojito, and of course selected vino, tequila & whiskies.

In this area you get good WIFI to connect and share your experiences with friends and family, while enjoying a large cold drink.

Our kitchen door is always open to special requests

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