Some of our agents are asking for frontis pictures, pictures of the entrance from our lodge, seems difficult to make them understand how inside the jungle and away from cement we are. here a picture taken from a drone than can be taken for a hint.

Inotawa from drone

This panoramic is taken from the paths to move around the lodge areas, more or less how your endeavours will be.


paths to the dining room, main garden and rooms. But if you would like to be more specific and wantto have a look at what will be your first impression arriving at the lodge itself. Lets say lobby, then it will be this:


Inotawa is a big amazon house, we want you to feel like home here, theres many open spaces and common areas. We are inside nature.

In this Inotawas lodge map you can more or less make an idea of our installations and the different type of rooms. At the bottom right, we have the kitchen and the staff only area, going upwards, we are in the common areas: the dinning room, bar, playroom and coffee station. In all this areas the wifi signal works well ( if its not raining). Then around the middle of the map going left, youll find some family bungalows ( B12- B11) then you can take left or right. On the left youll go to the dorms, on the right carrying on, you will get to the area of bungalows(B1-B10), with a decked maloca in the middle and hammacks. Also solar plugs and water.


To the left ( inferior middle of the map) are the dorms (R1-R10), 10 rooms wall to wall made all out of bamboo, private with their own toilets. After this area youll be at the lobby where theres some hammacks and space to relax and watch nature.

Carrying own on this way, youll get to the suites ( B14-B13) a bit far apart, stunning duplexes with awesome balconys for natures watchers, after that the river. All around the lodge theres a 9km trekk of paths you can always wonder around, never leaving the path of course.

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